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Proximate and Mineral Analyses of White Grubs (Phyllophyga specie)

Y. Nasiru, S.A. Muazu, M. Alhassan, M. Suleiman, B.A. Muhammad


White grubs (Phyllophyga specie) were obtained from Tambuwal local government area in Sokoto state Nigeria. The powdered sample of head and the body were used for the proximate composition showed that the value of ash and protein content was higher in the body 30.33±0.76% and 26.34±0.32% than in the head 21,17±1.04% and 25.23±0.81%  respectively, while the lipid, carbohydrate, moisture and fibre content were 18.33±1.26%, 22.78±1.54%, 8.20±1.26% and 4.33±0.81% respectively, were higher in the head compared to the body with 17.67±0.03% for Lipid, 16.76±2.46% for Carbohydrate, 6.67±1.26% for Moisture, 3.00±1.00% for Fibre. Minerals analysis revealed slight high values for sodium in the head (486.67±5.77mg/100g) compared with the body (485.00±8.66mg/100g). Similarly high values was recorded for potassium but much higher in the body (406.67±5.77mg/100g) compared with 388.33±7.64mg/100g in the head. Magnesium content in the body (0.17±0.00mg/100g) appeared higher than (0.14±0.01mg/100g) in the body. The analysis revealed that
consumption of white grubs is useful diet supplements recommended for families.

Keywords: Body, Head, Mineral, Proximate Analysis, White Grubs

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