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Synthesis, characterization and antifungal studies on metal (II) complexes of tetradentate Schiff Base derived from ethylenediamine and 4-(benzeneazo) salicylaldehyde

M Sani, A Nuraddeen


The tetradentate Schiff base obtained in high yield (86.77%) from condensation of 4-(Benzeneazo) salicylaldehyde and Ethylenediamine was used for the synthesis of metal (II) complexes of Cu, Ni and Zn. Both the tetradentate Schiff base and its metal (II) complexes were characterized on the basis of FTIR, melting point/ decomposition temperature, solubility test, and elemental analysis. The ligand melted at 2000C while the complexes decompose at 2250C, 2400C 2600C for Zn(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes respectively. The solubility test for both Schiff base and the metal (II) complexes. The compounds were found to be soluble in DMF and DMSO and insoluble in water and slightly soluble in nitrobenzene. The results for elemental analysis indicated that there is close relationship between the calculated values and the obtained values using. The result for antifungal studies indicates that the compounds have low activity compared to the control sample.

Keywords: Elemental analysis, Metal complexes, Schiff base, Solubility test

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