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Proximate and mineral composition of Jatropha curcas leaves

N Bello, S Lawali, M Alhassan, M Suleiman, Y.M. Sahabi, Y Nasiru


The proximate and mineral composition of jatropha curcas leaves were evaluated in dry sample to determine the Ash, carbohydrate, crude lipid, crude fiber, crude protein and mineral contents using standard method and atomic absorption spectrophotometry method. The result showed that jatropha curcas leaves contained (12.0±1.00%) Ash, (61.94±5.56%) carbohydrate, (7.00±0.43%) Fat, (16.5±0.1%) fibre, (2.56±0.23%) protein, (4.33±0.28%) moisture in dry sample respectively. The result also revealed that the concentration of potassium is (18.60±1.19mg/100g) sodium (11.50±0.39mg/ 100g), magnesium (58.17 ± 2.04mg/100g), cupper (4.23±0.12mg/ 100g), iron (2.85±0.04mg/100g) and calcium (93.42±0.48mg/100g) respectively which are the major minerals present in the sample. This indicated that Jatropha curcas leaves could serve as an alternative source of food for animal and human after quality processing.

Keywords: Carbohydrate, Crude Protein, Jatropha curcas leaves, Mineral, Moisture Analysis

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