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Proximate composition and the mineral contents of soya beans (<i>Glycine max</i>) available in Kano State, Nigeria

A.S. Bayero
Y Datti
M Abdulhadi
A.T. Yahya
I Salihu
U.A. Lado
T Nura
B Imrana


Soya bean is an important source of high-quality protein and oil, as well as other nutritious substances. The higher the content of these nutritious substances in a given soya bean, the higher it’s quality. The mineral and proximate contents of the variety of soya beans available in Kano state, Nigeria, were determined using standard procedures. The percentage (%) proximate composition was found to be Moisture 8.13%, Crude Protein 39.24%, Crude Fibre 6.84%, Crude Lipid 30.31%, Ash 4.61%, and Carbohydrate 5.08%. While the average mineral contents (%) were found to be 0.003 (Na), 0.216 (K), 0.281 (Mg), 0.324 (Ca), 0.722 (P), 0.003 (Zn), 0.002 (Cu), 0.291 (Mn) and 0.018 (Fe). The result is an indication of the nutritional importance of soya beans, and thus its production and quality require to be improved.

Keywords: Mineral content, Nutritional value, Proximate composition, Soya beans

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eISSN: 2384-6208
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