Effect of Seed Storage on Germination and Seedling Growth of Dacryodes edulis (Don. G. Lam H. J)

  • K Okunomo
  • EO Oghenerhoro
  • IM Ojeifo
Keywords: <i>Dacryodes edulis</i>, storage seeds and seedlings.


The effects of seed storage on germination and seedling growth of Dacryodes edulis (Don G.I and A.J.) was investigated. There were five treatments in all as follows: Sharp sand, shade, fresh water, stagnant water, and ambient temperature; they were replicated three times. The results showed that seeds stored in sharp sand for up to two weeks performed significantly better, attaining height of 32.3 cm; while those of stagnant water gave the least height of 17.9 cm. As regards leaf number, the mean values ranged between 14.0 and 10.3 for sharp sand and stagnant water, respectively; similar trend was also observed under leaf length. However, there was no significant difference on the influence of seed storage on plant girth of the seedlings in each treatment as they all gave values of 0.40 from 5 WAS to 9WAS. It is recommended that sharp sand could be utilized for storage of D. edulis seeds up to two weeks, while the best medium for propagating the seed is top soil.

Keywords: Dacryodes edulis, storage seeds and seedlings.

Discovery and Innovation Vol. 19 (3) 2007: pp. 168-171

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eISSN: 1015-079X