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Detoxification of Aflatoxin in Artificially Contaminated Maize Crop by Ammoniation Procedures

H.S Nyandieka
J.O Maina
C Nyamwange


Aflatoxin contamination is a common occurrence in corn-based agricultural commodities such as grains and
oilseed crops that are normally stored in warm moist places. Since aflatoxins are highly toxic and carcinogenic, this
study was undertaken to determine the use of ammoniation procedures to destroy aflatoxin in contaminated maize
samples. Strains of Aspergillus parasiticus were used to contaminate maize samples collected from market centers
in Eldoret Municipality. They were then decontaminated by ammoniation procedure under normal temperature
and pressure. High performance liquid chromatography was used for analysis of aflatoxin content in maize crop
samples. The results revealed that ammoniation procedure can destroy over 90% of the aflatoxin in maize and may
be considered economically viable especially where alternative foodstuffs are not available or affordable.