Molecular detection of Herpes Simplex Virus-2 gpG gene among People of different health status in parts of Katsina State

  • M.R Hayatudeen
  • M Aminu
Keywords: DNA; Genitalis; Herpes simplex; PCR; Plasma; Viremia.


Although herpes simplex virus (HSV) has been detected in the blood of immune compromised patients and in those with disseminated disease, the extent to which the virus may be present in the blood during a localized infection is still unknown. Literature on patterns of HSV-2 shedding at the prodromal stage of the disease during recurrences and also during asymptomatic periods is still lacking. The present study aimed at the detection of HSV-2 gpG gene in the serum during current acute herpes genitalis using a highly sensitive technique, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The study included 24 people with different health status that included pregnant women, HIV positive patients, feverish patients and healthy individuals.Using PCR, HSV-2 gpG gene were detected in the plasma of 5 pregnant women (83.3%) and one HIV positive patient (16.7%). Analysis by Chi-square indicated there were a good statistical significant difference between the presence of HSV-2 DNA among the respondents included in this study (P<0.05). Patient’s age, and gender had no statistically significant effect on the presence of the HSV-2 DNA in the plasma. It is concluded that HSV-2 viremia exist during primary exposure to thevirus and recommended avoidance of blood transfusion during acute attacks of herpes genitalis.

Keywords: DNA; Genitalis; Herpes simplex; PCR; Plasma; Viremia.


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