Sero – Prevalence of Rubella Virus Igm among Pregnant Women Attending Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Kano, Nigeria

  • S. Abdulkadir
  • R.M. Kutama
  • A. Aminu
Keywords: Sero – Prevalence, Rubella Virus, Pregnant Women


The 96 well micro-titer plate was first secured in the holder, a data sheet with sample identification was prepared, leaving one well for blank, one hundred micro- liter of negative control was added to the next 3 wells, then 100μL of positive control to the following 2 wells. One hundred micro - liter of the sample diluents was added into each of the test wells which were followed by adding 10μL of specimen into each of the wells containing sample diluents. 300 pregnant women screened for the rubella IgM antibody, a total of 12(4.0%) were positive, in the young adults category of 15-24 years 88 pregnant women were screened with 5(1.7%) testing positive. One hundred and forty four were within 25-34 age group with 4(1.3%) seropositive. Three (1.0%) 0f the 68 women in 34-44 age group were positive. The highest prevalence was found in the young adult’s category of 15-24 age groups. The research provided an evidence of relatively low prevalence and a high percentage of susceptible population which is an evidence that many in the population are susceptible to rubella virus infection. The findings of an immune response in first trimester of pregnancy indicates 90% chances of passage to the feotus with serious complications. There is need for awareness creation on rubella virus and congenital rubella syndrome with increase in disease surveillance nationwide. With high level of susceptible population coupled with no immunization policy on rubella in the country underscores the need for initiating organized routine screening and vaccination among healthcare workers, children, adolescents and women of child bearing age as well as ascertaining the potency of vaccines prior to recommendation for vaccination.

Keywords: Sero – Prevalence, Rubella Virus, Pregnant Women


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