Satisfaction with health facility delivery care services and ssociated factors: The case of Lindi and Mtwara rural districts, southern Tanzania

  • RNM Mpembeni
  • SN Massawe
  • MT Leshabari
  • DV Kakoko
  • E Duysburgh
  • P Wangwe
  • F Sukums
  • H Saronga
  • S Loukanova
Keywords: delivery care services, satisfaction, factors influencing satisfaction, Tanzania


Objective: To assess women’s satisfaction with health facility delivery care services and to determine the factors associated with satisfaction.
Methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in 12 primary health facilities in Lindi and Mtwara rural districts. All women who gave birth in the facilities during the time of the study were interviewed using a pretested structured questionnaire. The questionnaire contained 29 items on likert scale including different aspects of delivery care service. Women were considered to be satisfied if they reported satisfaction to at least half of the items assessed.
Results: Total of 504 women were interviewed. Overall a large proportion (80%) reported to be satisfied with the delivery care services. Proportion satisfied varied in different aspects of care ranging from 30% reporting to be satisfied with management of labour pains to 96% reporting to be satisfied with care of the newborn. Only age of the mother showed significant association with satisfaction. Women with formal education and those delivering for the first time were satisfied compared to their counterparts although the difference was not statistically significant.
Conclusion and recommendations: Majority of women reported satisfaction with delivery services but there were significant variations across different care items. High levels of dissatisfaction were on aspects of provider client communication, labour pain management and drugs availability issues. Training of health providers on communication skills and ensuring availability of drugs should be prioritized. Allowing a companion during labour may be considered since it has been proven to make women comfortable and satisfied with the process of delivery elsewhere.

Key words: delivery care services, satisfaction, factors influencing satisfaction, Tanzania


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eISSN: 0856-8960