Epidemiology of non-penetrative sex among University students in the context of HIV/AIDS prevention in Northwestern Ethiopia

  • Z Mehari
  • M Wubshet
  • K Deribe
  • S Biadgilign
Keywords: Epidemiology, Non-Penetrative Sex, university, students, HIV/AIDS, Ethiopia


Objectives: This study was conducted to explore the knowledge, attitude and practices related to non-penetrative sexual behavior in the context of HIV/AIDS prevention among Bahir Dar University students in Northwestern Ethiopia.
Methods: We conducted a cross-sectional study among a representative sample of 624 regular students attending their education in academic year 2007 in Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia selected by stratified sampling technique. Association between practices and the explanatory variables was assessed in bivariate analysis using Chi-square tests and the associations were further expanded using multivariate logistic regression analysis.
Results: The overall knowledge assessments of the respondents showed that 65.2% of the respondents were having reasonable and good  knowledge. Around 46.7% were currently practicing one or more of the non penetrative sexual practices. Among those who were practicing one or more of the non penetrative sexual behaviors (n=286) were for the reasons as make sexual pleasure(56.8%), prevent HIV and STI(49.8%), keeping  virginity (17.1%) and prevention of pregnancy (16.7%)respectively. Around 60.7% had unfavorable attitude towards non penetrative sexual behavior. Having good knowledge, being male gender, and having favorable attitudes towards NPS were associated with non penetrative sexual practice.
Conclusions: Most of the students have relatively good knowledge and a considerable proportion of them were already engaged in one of the NPS practices withstanding the unfavorable attitude they have towards NPS. This remained that it is advisable to further consider NPS as one option and additional menu for avoiding unwanted penetrative sex in order to  maximize young people’s options to prevent HIV/AIDS and STIs along with broader IEC/BCC interventions.

Keyword: Epidemiology, Non-Penetrative Sex, university, students,  HIV/AIDS, Ethiopia


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