Reported human traffickers’ profiles: a key step in the prevention of trafficking in persons through HIV and AIDS interventions in Tanzania

  • SR Kamazima
  • MR Kazaura
  • MJ Ezekiel
  • B Fimbo
Keywords: HIV, Human traffickers, Trafficking in persons, Tanzania


Objective: a gap in comprehensive knowledge of trafficking in persons and the traffickers exists globally and in Tanzania in particular. Consequently, information on the profiles of human traffickers in the country is tremendously scanty.
Methods: we conducted a baseline study in eight administrative regions of Tanzania Mainland using both qualitative and quantitative methods to generate data in to inform anti-human trafficking health interventions and programs to be implemented in the country. Study participants included the national, regional and district Community Development Officers, District Medical Officers, local government leaders, managers or representatives of non-governmental organizations involved in anti-trafficking in persons activities, members of the community and victims.
Results: different individuals or groups, knowingly or ignorantly, contribute to trafficking in persons and their roles differ at the places of origin, transit and destinations. Traffickers are males or females with varied age, marital status, relationships with victims, socio-economic status, experience and occupations.
Conclusions: active traffickers at many stages of this crime rarely come into contact with the law enforcement system; fled or rescued victims may not be willing or unable to testify against their traffickers and coercing
victims to do so could further traumatize them. Further research in needed to generate knowledge on human traffickers’ profiles to inform trafficking in persons control programs through HIV and AIDS interventions in Tanzania.

Key words: HIV, Human traffickers, Trafficking in persons, Tanzania


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eISSN: 0856-8960