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Hyperendemicity of onchocerciasis in Ovia Northeast local government area, Edo State, Nigeria.

FO Akinbo, CE Okaka


Objective: The present study investigates the prevalence of onchocerciasis in 40 communities of the LGA and provides data, which could contribute towards the control programme of the disease in the local government Area,Edo state,Nigeria.
Methods: A physician performed the skin examination and thereafter a skin biopsy taken and immersed in normal saline solution in the wells of micro titration plates and allowed to stand for 24hours to allow microfilaria to emerge and then examined microscopically.
Results:The prevalence of onchocerciasis was investigated amongst 40 communities in Ovia North-East LGA of Edo state, Nigeria. Of the 2020 subjects examined between March 2007 to April, 2008, 1674 (83%) of them harboured microfilaria in their skin tissues.Females had significantly (P<0.001) higher prevalence than their male counterparts (93.1% vs 74.5%).
Conclusion:The hyperendemicity of the disease may however be due to poor distribution of ivermectin and non compliance on the part of the subjects taking the drug as some often complained about the side effects of ivermectin. The findings demonstrated hyperendemicity of infection and require urgent attention with ivermectin treatment and other control measures
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