Oral hygiene teaching in clinical activities at the department of dentistry of Dakar (Senegal)

  • D Massamba
  • F Adama
  • F Daouda
  • C Daouda
  • CMM Lo
Keywords: oral hygiene, tooth brushing, clinical activities, Dakar


The aim of this study was to assess the attitudes and practices of students related to oral hygiene teaching by mean of a questionnaire submitted to patients attending the clinics of the Department of Dentistry of Dakar.
Method: A KPC study (Knowledge, Practices and Coverage) focusing on dental students was conducted and consists on a interview of 295 patients. The socio-demographic and brushing method variables involved the patients. While those related to attitudes and practices regarding oral hygiene teaching concerned only students. The tests at the univariate and multivariate analysis by logistic regression were significant when P . 0.05.
Results: The study population consisted of 48.5% of men, 76.6% were adults. 32.9% of patients came from the Conservative Dentistry and Endodontic (CDE) clinic and 5.4% of them from Orthodontic clinic. For 52.2% of patients, no prophylactic measure was laid and the link with the proper brushing technique of patients was significant (OR = 4.4). Using supports at time of oral hygiene teaching was respected for 17.4% of cases. It was associated with proper brushing technique even after adjustment.
Conclusion: The attitudes and practices of students in Dentistry Department of Dakar in relation to oral hygiene teaching deserves more vigilant in watching over the prophylactic care and using supports during oral hygiene teaching.

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eISSN: 0856-8960