East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights

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Access To Information, Gender Participation And Good Governance In Uganda

DA Katebire


This article examines the nexus between access to information and equitable
gender participation in the context of good governance. It demonstrates that access to information and its flow mechanisms from the Uganda government to the public is not only gender insensitive but also inimical to practices of good governance. It also illustrates that the gender content and responsiveness of government policies and programmes, and the level of participation of women in their formulation and implementation cannot in their current fashion meaningfully influence good governance. It is argued that issues of ransparency and accountability in government are positively correlated with information access and equitable gender participation. The article thus advocates the restructuring of access and flow of public information to facilitate both men and women to meaningfully participate in the governance of their country.

East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights Vol. 14 (1) 2008: pp. 45-68
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