Grain Quality Evaluation and Characterization of Gluten Powder from Bread Wheat Varieties Grown in Arsi and Bale, Ethiopia

  • B Mekuria
  • S Admassu


The aim of this research was to study the grain quality, proximate composition, gluten isolation and characterization of three bread wheat varieties namely Pavon 76, HAR 2501 and HAR 2536 grown in Arsi and Bale areas of Ethiopia. The wheat varieties had a protein content of 10.60, 11.53 and 10.70% while the wet gluten content of their flours were 29.87, 34.6% and 29.83% for Pavon 76, HAR 2501 and HAR 2536; respectively. The yield (extraction rate) of gluten powder was 10.30% from Pavon 76, 11.34% from HAR 2501 and 9.62% from HAR 2536; respectively. The farinographic performance analysis showed that water absorption corrected to 14% moisture basis was 60.1% for Pavon 76, 58.6% for HAR 2501 and 64.2% for HAR 2536. The protein content of gluten powder on dry matter basis extracted from the three varieties were 82.17% from Pavon 76, 86.21% from HAR 2501 and 80.93% HAR 2536. The grain quality and gluten powder characteristics of the three wheat varieties were acceptable and can be utilized for gluten powder production to be incorporated in pasta, noodle, bread and other food products.

Keywords: Bread Wheat; Farinographic Qualities; Gluten Powder; Grain Quality


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1992-0407