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Nutritional status of adult male on art at Kericho District Hospital, Kericho County, Kenya

W Bor
W.K. Too
D Mbithe
B Mugendi
E.N. Mutemi
R Musyoki
W.C. Bor


Background: Nutrition and HIV are strongly related and any immune impairment as a result of HIV leads to malnutrition while malnutrition leads to immune impairment and thus worsens the effect of HIV. Individuals living with HIV have special nutritional needs irrespective of whether they are on anti-retroviral treatment or receiving care services.

Objective: To establish nutritional status of adult male on ART at Kericho District Hospital, Kenya.

Design: Cross sectional analytical study.

Setting: HIV clinic at Kericho District Hospital, Kenya.

Subjects: HIV positive adult male patients

Results: Body Mass Index ≥18.5 and ≤ 24.5 (70.92), >16 & < 18.5 (11.94), >25.5 and < 30 (11.94), ≤ 16 (2.58) and ≥30.

Conclusion: There is a high burden of malnutrition among PLHIV on ART (29.1%). Nutritional assessment, Counseling and support (NACS) should be the key intervention during the course of chronic HIV care and follow up.

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eISSN: 0012-835X