Sero-Prevalence of anti-sperm anti-bodies in infertile males in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

  • I.N. Emeghe
  • O.N. Ekeke


Background: Infertility is a serious health challenge which causes distress to the couples especially; in Africa. The cause of infertility is multifactorial. Immunological infertility is said to be one of the major causes of unexplained infertility in men. Anti-sperm anti-bodies can be used as an immunological marker of infertility.
Objective: To determine the sero-prevalence of anti-sperm anti-bodies in Port  Harcourt.
Design: A cross sectional study.
Setting: Three hospitals in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Subjects: Ninety men who presented with infertility.
Outcome: Presence of anti-sperm anti-bodies.
Results: The results obtained showed that the modal age group for infertile males  was 40-49 years. Mean duration of infertility was 5.54±2.34 years. Sixty nine  patients (76.67%) had primary infertility, 60% had previous sexually transmitted infections, 65.23% had low sperm counts, 88.46% had abnormal sperm motility and anti-sperm anti-bodies were detected in 26.67%. Presence of antisperm  anti-bodies were associated with age ≥ 40 years, previous history of sexually  transmitted infections, duration of infertility, and abnormal sperm motility. There was no association between hormone profile and presence of anti-sperm anti-bodies.
Conclusion: Anti-sperm anti-bodies are fairly common in Port Harcourt; and immunological factors may contribute to infertility in male patients of the  sub-region.

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