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Job satisfaction and psychological health of bankers in Calabar, Nigeria

S Bello, M.C. Asuzu, A.N. Ofili


Background: Satisfied employees tend to be healthier and more productive. There is no known study on the overall job satisfaction and psychological health of bank employees in Nigeria.

Objective: To assess the level of job satisfaction and its relationship to psychological health among bank employees in a southern city of Nigeria.

Design: A cross-sectional descriptive survey.

Setting: Commercial Banks in Calabar, Nigeria.

Subjects: Professional employees engaged in core Banking activities.

Results: Response rate was 75%. About half (52.6%) reported overall job satisfaction. The most commonly mentioned reason for job dissatisfaction was lack of promotion. About one third of respondents were at increased likelihood of having a psychological disorder. There was a statistically significant negative correlation between job satisfaction and GHQ scores. Satisfied respondents were least likely to have psychological disorder.

Conclusion: About half of the bank employees were satisfied with their jobs. A negative correlation was found between job satisfaction and psychological health of these workers. Causes of job dissatisfaction should be addressed by employers of labour to improve job satisfaction, psychological health and productivity.

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