Treatment of tibial pseudarthrosis secondary to snake bite in pediatric age: Chaaria mission hospital collaborative experience

  • G. Gaido
  • D. D’Aquila
  • L. Maltesi
  • L. Cara
  • A. Mbungu
  • J. Makandi


In developing countries snake bites can cause necrosis and osteomyelitis, with consequent deformities, especially in children. Tibial segmental defects represent a therapeutic challenge, and are mainly due to congenital anomalies (agenesis or pseudoarthrosis), infections, post-traumatic fractures, and neoplastic lesions (6). A 13 years old girl was brought to our attention due to a severe deformity of left leg, secondary to previous osteomyelitis caused by a snake bite. The deformity was treated by osteotomy with peroneal excision and tibial synthesis with a DCP (Dynamic Compression Plate) which allowed to recover the right axis and joint rotation, allowing for a next step.

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eISSN: 0012-835X