Social demographic factors affecting utilization of female condom among youths in selected tertiary training institutions in Migori County, Kenya

  • Joshua Omwenga Boraya
  • Albert Gachau


Background: The female condom is a dual protection tool for both prevention of HIV/ Aids transmission and conception of unwanted pregnancies. In Migori, HIV prevalence is 16% among the youths with the female youth having a higher prevalence than male counterpart at 7.6% and 5.6% respectively. Female condom use is low at 0.3% with an early sexual debut among the youths before 15 years of age.

Objective: To determine social demographic factors affecting utilization of female condom among the youths in Migori County, Kenya.

Methodology: A descriptive cross sectional study was conducted among 380 youths in selected tertiary institutions in Migori County, systematic random sampling was employed to sample youths from each institution. Questionnaires were used to collect data, nurses in each institution’s clinic provided more information as key informants.

Results: A total of 380 female youths participated in the study, 86.6% were aged between 18-25 years with 83.9% being single, 95.3% were Christians and 4.7% Muslim. There was a significant association between marital status and utilization of the female condom (p≤0.000, x2 = 66.969, OR= 43.919), increase in age was significantly associated with awareness of female condom use among youth (x2=4.210, OR=0.86, p=0.040), majority of the youths fear getting pregnant than contracting HIV at significance level of p=0.016. Men’s say in negotiation on female condom use was also significant at p=0.042, majority of the youth were incompetent in female condom insertion process at p=0.020.

Conclusion: Low levels of self-efficacy on female condom use, lack of negotiation skills for safe sex among partners, and age of the youth. The Ministry of Health through county government need to promote female condom use among youths in tertiary institutions through product distribution, opportunities to practice correct use and communication addressing misconceptions about female condom use.


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eISSN: 0012-835X