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Uterine torsion in pregnancy: Case presentation and review of literature

O. A. Magembe


PK was a 30 year old primi-gravida who underwent a scheduled caesarean  section for transverse fetal lie at term. A 1800 leavo-rotation of the uterus was noted after delivering the baby through a posterior lower uterine segment  incision. A live baby was born. Derotation of the uterus was done. Torsion of the pregnant uterus is defined as rotation more than 45 degrees around the long axis of the uterus. It is observed in any reproductive age, parity, and stage of pregnancy. Associated conditions include; abnormal fetal presentation, myoma uteri, uterine malformations, and pelvic adhesions. Treatment near term or during labor is cesarean section. This paper highlights the incidence, diagnostic challenges, associated risks, and management of uterine torsion

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