Socio-economic factors influencing shortage of human resources for health in Samburu County Referral Hospital

  • S.M. Omambia
  • N.K. Nganga


Objective: The chief reason for carrying out the project was to determine the factors that influenced the shortage of human  esources for health at Samburu County Referral Hospital. The objective of the study was to determine the socio-economic factors influencing the shortage of health workers in Samburu County Referral Hospital.
Design setting: The investigation deployed a cross-sectional study.
Subjects or participants: A sample population of 145 participants was calculated using Fishers et al method of 1998. Data collection was done using a survey with open and closed-ended queries. A strict inclusion criterion was followed to select the respondents from all trained health personnel in Samburu County Referral Hospital. Data were analyzed using SPSS, presented in figures with various diagrams like charts and tables and interpreted using descriptive statistics.
Results: The results showed that although the county government of Samburu had really tried to reduce insufficient and unbalance's HR and expand the capacity building in human resource planning. Social economic factors such as lack of attractive salaries and bad remuneration packages were also associated with the shortage of health personnel in the county. The respondents agreed unanimously
that they were not satisfied with the allowances the county government pays with a p-value of 0.06 and OR 2.4.
Conclusion: In conclusion, social economic factors among the healthcare workers were associated with the shortage of healthcare workers in Samburu county referral.


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