Capacity of Community-Based Organisations to disseminate sleeping sickness information

  • SA Bukachi Epidemiology Division, Trypanosomiasis Research Centre, KARI, PO Box 362, Kikuyu, 00902, Kenya
  • SO Nyamwaro
  • GO Matete, Vet Pathol and Microbiol (UON) Kenya
  • JW Karuga Kenya Trypanosomiasis Research Institute, PO Box 399 Busia, Kenya


Objective: To assess the capacity of established community based organisations (CBOs) to disseminate information on sleeping sickness control.

Design: Participatory interview process administered to randomly selected CBOs in a tsetse and trypanosomosis endemic area.

Setting: Busia district, Western, Kenya.

Results: Community based organisations especially women groups and farmer field schools that are internally initiated have the potential to contribute greatly to sustainable sleeping sickness dissemination strategies. The study indicated a mean reach of between 400-600 persons per day, but with a range of up to 1000 persons per day.

Conclusion: Internally initiated women groups may be the best options for targeting health education programmes with the aim of ensuring sustained community participation.

East African Medical Journal Vol. 82(8) 2005: 409-413

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eISSN: 0012-835X