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The role of neuro-electrophysiological diagnostic tests in clinical medicine

SO Mbuya


Objective: To summarise and discuss the role of neuro-electrophysiological diagnostic tests in clinical medicine.

Data Sources: Published original research and reviews to date.

Study Selection: The review was with emphasis on diagnosis of peripheral neuropathic and neuromuscular disorders.

Data extraction and synthesis: On-line and manual library searches provided information and data on which the summaries and discussions were based. Some physicians are not yet aware of some of the tests and some may not know their indications. In this article a review is made of evoked potential tests, nerve conduction tests and electromyography in diagnosis of neurological diseases. An attempt has been made to clearly show their indications, and relative importance.

Conclusion: Studies clearly show that neuro-electrophysiological tests are important in neurological diagnosis in clinical medicine and are an extension of the physical examination.

East African Medical Journal Vol. 83(1) 2006: 52-60
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