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Seasonal variation and prevalence of tuberculosis among health seekers in the south western Cameroon

I N Ana-Anyangwe, T N Akenji, W F Mbacham, V N Penlap, V P Titanji


Objectives: To determine the prevalence of tuberculosis (TB) in Fako health District, to assess the
effects of seasonal variation on the incidence of TB in the study area and to use sentinel analysis to
predict areas of greatest infection.
Design: A prospective cross sectional study based on laboratory investigations.
Setting: Fako health District, South Western Carneroon.
Results: The prevalence of TB was 23.3%.Tuberculosis was significantly more prevalent in males
(12.6%) as compared with females (10.7%) (P = 0.034). TB prevalence was significantly different
between age groups, with the highest number of cases recorded in the age group 21-30 (P = 0.002).
When the health areas were compared, TB prevalence varied significantly (P = 0.001), with Limbe
Town recording the highest number of TB cases. We recorded more TB cases in the wet season
compared with the dry season and the difference was statistically significant (P = 0.000). There
was a significant drop in the prevalence of TB over the study period (P = 0.000).
Conclusion: This study is the first to report on the effects of season on the prevalence of TB in
Cameroon. These findings will therefore provide additional useful base line data for setting up
TB control strategies in Cameroon.

The East African Medical Journal Vol. 83 (11) 2006: pp. 588-596
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