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Modified ureterosigmoidostomy for management of malignant and non-malignant conditions

KA Mteta
AY Al-ammary


Objective: To investigate the outcome of Mainz Pouch II urinary diversion for both malignant and non-malignant diseases. Design: A retrospective analysis. Setting: Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Institute of Urology, Moshi, Tanzania from April
1995 to May 2007. Patients: Mainz Pouch II was created in 83 patients of which, 38 were females and 45 were males (M:F 1.2:1). Results: Early complications were seen in 11 (13.2%) patients, as follows: one (1.2%) prolonged ileus, 1(1.2%) wound dehiscence, two (2.4%) perioperative deaths among the malignant group, seven (8.4%) superficial wound sepsis. Long term complications were seen in 14 (16.9%) patients, as follows: one
(1.2%) patient developed an incision hernia, one (1.2%) patient developed unilateral pyelonephritis, one (1.2%) patient developed unilateral ureteral stenosis, two (2.4%) patients had deterioration of renal function, three (3.6%) patients developed mild to moderate unilateral hydronephrosis, three (3.6%) patients developed mucoceles. Among the 83 patients in this series, three (3.6%) patients developed metabolic acidosis, two (2.4%) of which, required oral bicarbonate supplementation. All (100%) patients had daytime continence while three (3.6%) patients had occasional night time
incontinence. Overall total continence was achieved in 80 (96.4%) of the patients.
Conclusion: The Mainz Pouch II is a safe and reproducible method of urinary diversion and serves as a satisfying method of continent urinary diversion in all age groups. This reconstructive surgery enabled the afflicted to achieve personal goals, hopes and aspirations, positively influencing their quality of life. The follow up show low complication rate with good results in terms of continence and quality of life, however, long term results remain to be evaluated.

East African Medical Journal Vol. 85 (7) 2008: pp. 334-340

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