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Livelihood impacts of development-induced displacements an investigation into post-project livelihoods of PAPs

Ataklti Gebreyesus, Shishay Tadesse


This research was conducted with the primary objective of assessing the Livelihood impacts of Development-induced Displacements on Project Affected People (PAP). The Sustainable Livelihoods Framework (SLF) underpins this research and a descriptive study with both qualitative and quantitative approaches was adopted. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze quantitative data; whereas conceptual interpretation and coding and developing category systems applied to analyze qualitative data. Thus, Negative impacts for the affected people were economic in that PAPs were displaced from their farmlands and were forced to practice farming on a smaller pieces of land. Financial Compensation paid to PAPs was also not adequate enough to restore livelihoods. Despite small in number, there were also some PAPs who benefited from wise use of compensation money and whose asset ownership increased. Jobs requiring unskilled and semi-skilled labor also expanded in the study areas following the projects. In general, despite some who benefited directly or indirectly, as a result of the projects; the negative side of the projects outweighed to a majority of the PAPs.

Keywords: Livelihood, PAP, Displacement, Development

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