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The Urban Poor and their Willingness to Participate in Community Development: The Case Study of Addis Ababa

S Kassahun


Community-based development strategies are gaining credibility and acceptance in development circles. In parallel, the concept of social capital and the role of supportive non-governmental organizations are receiving attention as key catalytic elements in encouraging and assisting community-based initiatives. In this paper, the willingness of the households to participate in community development has been examined. Through a multivariate analysis using 497 households in Addis Ababa, the author assessed how social capital dimensions and socio-economic characteristics of the households are related to willingness of the household to participate in community development. Willingness is highly associated with increased participation in local associations; trust in the community and pattern of reciprocity among inhabitants. These findings provide qualified support that considering these local associations in partnership could bring sustainability in
urban development.

Keywords: Community development, community based organization, social
capital, socio-economic chrematistics
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