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Job Stress and Self-Efficacy Among Nurses Working in Al-Amal Psychiatric and Addiction Hospital

Rawan A. M. Aladah
Nahed M. A. Morsi
Shadia A. Yousef


Context: Nurses act as patients' first caregivers who help them manage their physical needs, control, and treat health conditions through their early nursing interventions and critical decision-making. The critical factor for nurses that help to raise their feeling of confidence is self-efficacy. Psychiatric nurses as long as they are protected, will become more productive, creative, and supported.
Aim: This study aimed to identify the relation between job stress and self-efficacy among nurses working in psychiatric and addiction hospitals.

Methods: A descriptive-correlational design was utilized. The study was conducted at Al-Amal Psychiatric and Addiction Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. A convenience sample of 133 nurses voluntarily participated. Data were collected by using two tools; the psychiatric nurse job stress scale used to assess nurses' socio-demographic data and clinical experiences, besides, to measure psychiatry nurses' job stress. General self-efficacy scale to assess self-beliefs to cope with stressful life events and capture individuals' general beliefs about their capabilities to handle different situations.

Results: The results showed that about half of the participants (47%) have high job stress, and approximately three-quarters of participants (74.44%) have high self-efficacy. Middle-aged nurses had less job stress than young nurses. It was found that non-Saudi were experience job stress less than Saudis.
Conclusion: The analysis of the collected data revealed that there is a statistically significant negative relationship between overall job stress and self-efficacy. Nurses need to be trained in coping strategies to deal with job stress. Workshops regarding stress management, communication skills are a must for those nurses working in a psychiatric hospital. Develop training programs on self-efficacy to help nurses heighten their stress management capability and also increase their job achievements.

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