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Wet Process Induced Phase Transited Drug Delivery System as a Means for Delivery of Gastrointestinal Irritant Drug: Histomorphological Analysis

AK Philip, K Pathak


A non-disintegrating, asymmetric membrane capsular system for a poorly
water soluble drug, flurbiprofen, was developed and evaluated in vitro and
in vivo. Asymmetric membrane capsules were made by phase inversion. The
effect of varying osmotic pressure of the dissolution medium on drug release
was studied. Acute toxicity studies and histomorphological analysis were
conducted in rats. Scanning electron microscopy showed an outer dense
region with few pores and an inner porous region on the prepared
asymmetric membrane. Statistical tests on in vitro release studies were
applied at p>0.05. The drug release was found to be independent of the pH
but dependent on the osmotic pressure of the dissolution medium. The
results of in vivo toxicity studies may support the use of phase transited
asymmetric membrane capsules as a means for delivery of gastro-intestinal
irritant drugs in a controlled manner through Fickian diffusion.
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