East and Central African Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Management Among Pharmacists in Dar es Salaam Tanzania: A Case Study

M Justin-Temu, R Majura, RF Damian, KIJ Pallangyo, EF Lyamuya


This study was conducted to find out if pharmacists are conversant with the management of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and whether they use their knowledge appropriately in managing their clients with STDs syndromes. A comparison was made between community pharmacists who graduated before and after the introduction of STDs/HIV management program in the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1992. The aim was also to find out if these pharmacists have attended any training on STDs management after their formal training, and whether they are able to make correct diagnosis and give the right drug(s) to their clients suffering from STDs. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to eighty-seven pharmacists operating in Dar es Salaam. The response was 74.7% (n=65), with female to male ratio of 1:1.8. Of the responding pharmacists, 73.8% reported to have had formal training on STDs management during their undergraduate course. All pharmacists reported that they normally see clients at their pharmacies with complaints suggestive of STDs. All pharmacists were able to list three or more STDs. About 65% of post-curricula pharmacists were able to list one or more STDs causative agents. Ninety four and hundred percent of pre- and post-curricular pharmacists, respectively were found to give the right drug(s) for various STDs. Twenty seven percent post- and 64.7% pre-curricula pharmacists had attended training on STDs management since they graduated.

(E & C Afr Jnl Pharm Sci: 2002 5(1): 3-7)
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