A cross-sectional retrospective study of Boda boda injuries at Mulago Hospital in Kampala-Uganda

  • EK Naddumba


Background: During the last 5 years, many Ugandans have resorted to use of small Motorbikes popularly known as "Boda-boda", as quick means of Transport. The Boda Bodas that have been mainly operated by the youths as a means of public transport have been responsible for many "accidents". The purpose of this paper is to highlight the Musculo -Skeletal Injuries that directly or indirectly result from Boda Boda Traffic "accidents", with a view of assisting the policy makers in their efforts of reducing Road Traffic Accidents in Uganda.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional retrospective study conducted at Mulago Hospital on the Surgical and Orthopaedics Wards. Records of patients admitted through the emergency admitting ward for the period July - September 2001 were studied.

Results: During the period under study, a total of 182 road traffic injuries were admitted. 46 (25%) of these were as a result of Boda Bodas. The commonest injury was Open Tibia1 Fractures (21%). The majority of the victims (20%) had poly trauma. The motorcyclists were mainly youths with an average age of 24 years. 

Conclusion: Stria legislature should urgently be put in place to curb the reckless motorcyclists as an effort to control these emerging traffic injuries.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2073-9990