East and Central African Journal of Surgery

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Rectal Foreign Body: A Case Report and Review of Literature

S Kumar, A Gupta, A Kaundal


Rectal foreign bodies are encountered frequently and present a dilemma for management. Most cases can be managed by retrieval of the foreign body per rectum under anaesthesia using some ingenuity. However some cases may require a laparotomy. The aim is to report a case of rectal foreign body treated in our institution. The large volume of prior literature on this subject
reviewed. A case admitted in the emergency department with pain lower abdomen and anal region following accidental slippage of stone into the rectum without any sign of peritonitis. Attempt to retrieval it per rectum under anaesthesia failed and laparotomy was performed. The Management emphasis is on transanal retrieval after ruling out rectal and colonic perforation. Surgery should be reserved only for those patients with overt peritonitis and associated complications.

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