Midline or Retroperitoneal Approach in Operating on a Retroperitoneal Tumour: A Surgical Dilemma

  • AH Azhar
  • MNG Rahman


Retroperitoneal tumors are rare form of tumors arising from the retroperitoneal space and account for 10-15% of soft tissue sarcoma.1,2 Liposarcoma represent 0.1% of all cancers 3 and arise mostly from the mesenchyme usually located in muscles, fat and connective tissue. 4 It is a high grade tumor with high propensity for recurrence.1 80% of patients
present with asymptomatic abdominal distension in their 5th - 6th decade of life.4 Liposarcoma tend to present as a huge mass posing a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma especially with regards to its position and surgical approach.

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eISSN: 2073-9990