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Tef (<i>Eragrostis tef</i>) variety Kora

Kebebew Assefa
Solomon Chanyalew
Yazachew Genet
Mitiku Asfaw
Tsion Fikre
Habte Jifar
Nigussu Hussen
Mihireteab H. Sellassie
Girma Chemeda
Molalign Assefa


Tef [Eragrostis tef (Zucc.) Trotter], is a staple food crop of Ethiopians that originated and diversified in Ethiopia. It has existed in Ethiopia throughout recorded history. Annually, it occupies 3.02 million hectares thereby ranking first among all cereals cultivated in the country. However, the national average yield of tef is low 1.6 t ha-1. The use of unimproved local cultivars and biotic and abiotic stresses are partially attributed to the low yield of the crop. Thus, the experiment was designed to develop high yielding and desirable quality improved varieties of tef suitable for diverse agro-ecologies, farming systems and purposes. Fourteen tef genotypes including two checks were laid out in randomized complete block design using four replications for two years (2012 and 2013) at eight locations. The combined data analysis across locations and over the years indicated that candidate variety Kora (DZ-Cr-438 (RIL No. 133B) performed better than the two checks and other test genotypes. Consequently, Kora was identified and approved for large scale production.