The Ethiopian Journal of Business and Economics (EJBE) is a bi-annual publication of the College of Business and Economics (CBE), Addis Ababa University. It seeks to encourage thinking among academics, practitioners and policy makers in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business Management, and Public Administration and Development Management (PADM). Equally important, its main mission is to stimulate research-based and inter- and multi-disciplinary debate on the issues involving the four fields; particularly as these pertain to the Ethiopian setting and development challenges. This aim can be achieved by publishing articles, research reports, book reviews, and Master’s and PhD dissertation/theses. EJBE is an authoritative and refereed journal.

Manuscript Submission
Contributions to EJBE from academics and practitioners in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business Management and Public Administration and Development Management are welcome. Moreover, manuscripts and other publishable works that involve inter-disciplinary academic discourse and come from related disciplines are also welcome. Manuscripts are submitted and published in English. Submissions to EJBE should be original and not published previously or submitted elsewhere for consideration for publication. Manuscripts should be submitted in hard copy and soft copy in MS Word or PDF format to be sent by e-mail to the Managing Editor, During submission corresponding authors should include their full contact address. All manuscripts are subject to peer-review by anonymous reviewers. Corresponding authors are notified concerning the status of their manuscripts through e-mail. All inquiries and submissions should be addressed to the editors of the Journal:

The Ethiopian Journal of Business and Economics
College of Business and Economics
Addis Ababa University
P.O.Box 5563, Addis Ababa
Tel. 251-122-92-31/251-122-95-99 (Ext. 117)
Fax. 251-122-37-2
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Types of Manuscript Published
Works to be published in the EJBE fall into the following categories:

Articles: these seek to explore relevant and significant issues in Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business Management, and Public Administration and Development Management (PADM). They can be based on original research or theoretical work with contributions in these fields. Such works should be within the context of issues and challenges of socio-economic development in Ethiopia or with lessons for Ethiopia. 

Research Reports: These are extracts from a research undertaking written in a form of a manuscript.

Master’s and PhD dissertation/theses: These should be abridged versions of chapters of dissertation/theses made suitable for publication in the journal.

Book Reviews: these can be either commissioned by the Editor-in-Chief or solicited reviews from professional and knowledgeable contributors in Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business Management, and Public Administration and Development Management (PADM). The main purpose of book reviews is to inform a wider audience what the book is about, including assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the book, bringing out the outstanding issues in the book, identifying contestable facts and issues providing counter-arguments based on alternative facts, etc. The intent of the book review is to induce readers to decide reading the book.

Format and Style Guide

Hard Copy: Two copies must be submitted for all texts: manuscripts, book reviews and
research reports. Texts should be typed in English with 12 fonts, Times New Roman, 1.5
spacing, normal (1 page per sheet), portrait on A4 white paper. All pages should be
numbered sequentially. The preferred length for articles and research reports is between
6,500-8,000 words, and 1,500-2,000 words for book reviews. At times, the length
requirements can be waived depending on the nature, complexity and depth of the

Soft Copy: Authors will be required to provide a soft copy in MS Word and PDF format of their manuscripts to be sent by e-mail to the Managing Editor, . The electronic version is an exact replica of the hard copy.

Abstract and Title Page: Manuscripts must be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 200 words. The title should also appear in the same page before the abstract. The author’s name and address should appear on the page including e-mail address, telephone number, and organizational/institutional affiliation. 

In-text citation requires only the name of the author(s) and the year of publication. Specific pages should be mentioned especially when it is taken directly from the work cited. Hence Author-Date style should be used for EJBE.

Authors are responsible for understanding the following principles that govern the “fair use” of quotations and illustrations. Accuracy of citations is also the author’s responsibility, in spite of the fact that the Editor-in-Chief may sometimes ensure the accuracy of selected references.

Foreign words that are common and appear in Standard English dictionaries should be set roman type, e.g. fait accompli, pro rata, a priori, etc. However, isolated non-English words and phrases that are not in quotations should be set in italics, e.g. kebele, Derg, Maheber, Iddir, Woreda, etc.



Chapter in an edited book
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Article in a Journal
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Government Publications/Documents
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE). 2002. Ethiopia: Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction Program (SDPRP). Addis Ababa: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. 

Webpage/Internet Documents- Name, Title, Date of Retrieval, URL.
World Bank Group. (Date updated). ‘Administrative and Civil Service Reform’. Retrieved July 19, 2002 from

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2410-2393
print ISSN: 2311-9772