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Trade Union Participation in Organized Leather Industry in Kolkata, India: A Demographic Discourse

I Bose
RK Mudgal
J Banerjee


The paper attempts to evaluate the significance of different factors determining the trade union participation in organized leather industry in Kolkata. The research has been conducted based on three sample leather units engaged in three different commercial functions and these units have been selected based on types of commercial activities practiced by these units like tanning , fabricating and both , so that the research can be conducted with maximum precision and a more or less representative outcome can be visible .The research intends to cause significant impact not only in the furtherance of academic research , but also to facilitate the government to introspect about the application of different labour regulations in the industries like leather , where basic human rights are neglected in spite of presence of laws of the land. The research concludes that certain demographic and working condition related factors are significantly determining the current rate of trade union participation and others are not. The research has been conducted on limited number of workers from the three sample units with specific number of workers employed at the time of the study. It further attempts to analyse the trend of trade union participation based on research hypothesis framed according to objectives. However, the research accepts its own limitations and encourages further studies based on the observation made through this paper.

Keywords: Significant factors, trade union participation, three sample units, limitations