The Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Concerns of Addis Ababa University: Implications for Higher Learning Institutions in Ethiopia

  • YW Elifneh
Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, Addis Ababa University, Higher learning institutions Ethiopia.


The research aims to understand the corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices by Addis Ababa University, the largest and the oldest university in Ethiopia. The issue of CSR in the context of higher learning institutions is one of the least studied subjects in Ethiopia in terms of what social responsibility considerations a higher learning institution is expected to discharge and what it is actually doing. The research was based on a case study analysis of the oldest public university in Ethiopia. Guided interviews with the academic staff, students, the local communities in the neighborhood of the university, and the management team (university management representative and department heads) of the university were conducted to find out the perceived social responsibilities of the university. The findings indicate that there is still the need for more efforts to improve the social responsibilities of the university. CSR commitments including environmental protection, sustainable use of natural resources, obligations to local communities are areas of concern that the university still needs to address. Case-study replication of higher learning institutions in the country would refine and allow for generalizations of results. The recommendations and suggestions of this research would serve as a basis to reinforce the social responsibilities of higher learning institutions that can go beyond providing education. It can also provide insight to the university authorities to understand the key elements of CSR and assess its social performance. The study contributes to CSR research and is of value to academics as well as authorities in the higher learning institutions.

Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, Addis Ababa University, Higher learning institutions Ethiopia.


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eISSN: 2410-2393
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