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Seroprevalence of caprine brucellosis in Chifra Woreda, Afar Regional State, Ethiopia

A Ali, A Mesfin, E Yimer, A Deressa, T Girmay


ABSTRACT: A cross sectional study was carried out from December 2005
to June 2006 to investigate seroprevalence of caprine brucellosis in Afar
Regional State of Chifra Woreda, Ethiopia. Of 294 serum samples screened
by RBPT, 62 (21%) were positive. When the RBPT positive (n=62) sera were
retested with Complement Fixation Test (CFT), only 54 (18.4%) became
positive. There was significant difference in seroprevalence among the three
age groups (P<0.05). Although there was no statistically significant
difference (P>0.05) in seroprevalence between the two sexes, high prevalence
(19.6%) was observed in male goats. The present study also demonstrates a
statistically significant association between abortion (P<0.05) and
seropositivity. The results found in this study appear to be related with
management system practiced in the area.
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