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Teacher-Trainers' Perception of the Causes and Treatment of Sleep-Walking Disorder in Children

MO Omozuwa, E.O.S Iyamu


This study investigated the perception of NCE teacher trainers on the causes and treatment of sleepwalking disorder in children. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. A sample of sixty respondents (thirty males and thirty females) where selected for the study. Two research questions and two
hypotheses guided the study. Data was collected using structured questionnaire [NCE Trainers Perception of the Causes and Treatment of Sleepwalking Disorder in Children (NTPCTSD)] designed by the researchers. Simple percentages were used for analyzing the data. The result showed that respondents indicated Tiredness (98.1 %), Night mare (83.6%), Fever (70.1%) and sleep deprivation (67.6%) as the causes of sleepwalking disorder .The study also revealed that majority of the respondents perceived anticipatory awakening (98%) as a vital treatment of sleep walking disorder. Based on the findings
recommendations are made.

Keywords: Sleepwalking Disorder, Rapid Eye Movement (REM), Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM)
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