Deans’ Leadership Effectiveness in Oromia Teachers Training Colleges

  • Abebe Hunde
  • Frew Amsale
  • Bekalu Ferede
  • Mitiku Bekele


The purpose of this study was to scrutinize the effectiveness of deanship in Teachers' Training Colleges (TTCs) of Oromia Regional State and to identify its challenges. The study mainly employed descriptive survey research design and data were collected from teachers using questionnaire and from deans and stream heads through interview and FDG. The quantitative data were analyzed using percentage, standard deviation, weighted mean and one-way ANOVA while the qualitative data were analyzed verbatim. The study show that statistically there is a significant difference between TTCs in their deanship effectiveness. The deanship effectiveness in TTC1 is relatively highly effective while TTCs 2and 4 have relatively moderately effective deanship effectiveness.  TTC3 was relatively less effective with all mean values below average. Leadership in TTC1 seems more committed, visionary, participatory, transparent and democratic when compared with the rest TTCs. The study also found out that there was no significant variation among instructors having different educational qualifications and different work experiences in terms of their views regarding their colleges’ deanship effectiveness. Most of the TTCs leadership was affected by turnover which in turn hinders the college deans from setting and implementing management strategies for quality training. The situation at TTC3 was unique in such a way that the leadership seems less visionary, less committed, and less participatory and none transparent in managing college activities. In order to fill these gaps we recommend that the assignment of deans should be merit based with strong selection criteria that focus on the extent to which the candidates are visionary, committed and have a good track record. College deans with knowledge and skills gaps should get the necessary in-service training that enable them carry out their leadership responsibilities. TTCs should be encouraged to develop a platform by which they share their experiences when it comes to their leadership. 

Keywords: Deanship, Deanship-effectiveness, Leadership effectiveness, Oromia, TTCs


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1998-8907