Improving Service Delivery of the Finance and Budget Section ofJimma Teachers\' College (JTC)

  • DH Feyssa
  • D Nigusa
  • K Gutema
  • T Mereba


Action research was conducted in May and June 2004 aimed at improving service delivery of finance and budget section of Jimma Teachers College. The data were collected by focal group discussion observation and actual experience of the researchers. The action research has disclosed that there were not efficient service in paying different payments like-evening, part time, fees ascribing to absence of incentives finance and budget section workers. Students' monthly payments were not done on time and this resulted in serious disciplinary problems on the students\' side. These and other related problems were acted upon by dually planning between researchers, finance and budget section and customers. Following the action plan the result showed that there was implementation of the action plan. Thus, payments were executed on time and specified plan was also set for all types of payments officially known to the customers. The achievement of the action research was left for sustainability to the administrative departments of the college to enhance the effective educational finance.

Ethiopian Journal of Education and Sciences Vol. 1 (1) 2005: pp. 95-105

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print ISSN: 1998-8907