Need Assessment on Jimma University Community Schools (JUCS): Focused on the Elementary and High Schools.

  • K Melesse
  • D Yehuwalaw
  • A Hunde
  • A Mammo


JUCS was institutionalized as one of Jimma University strategic devices for staff retention in providing quality of education for staff children which is one of the causes of staff evacuation. To support this school is then based on the need assessment survey which is essential to the university at large, and education faculty in particular. This cross sectional study was done to assess the need of JUCS by a technical committee assigned to strength the link between the school and the university through education faculty which is appropriate to support the management of the school for quality of education. Accordingly selected students both at elementary and high school levels, teaching and administrative staff, and the board members were summoned for FGD in different but appropriate groups as source of information. Questionnaires and observation were also used for specific information before the FGD. Major problems like, quality of education affected by staff quality, dissatisfaction and evacuation, shortage of teaching facilities such as text books , laboratories and equipment, library and pedagogical center, lack of parent cooperation; inappropriate school sites and play-ground, and absence of plasma television were identified. Accordingly, beyond a strong link and support of education faculty, general workshop was recommended to present the finding and construct implementation plan, which was successfully accomplished involving faculty of education officers and senior staff, university higher officials, school teachers and students, and school board representative.

Ethiopian Journal of Education and Sciences Vol. 3 (2) 2008: pp. 45-69

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print ISSN: 1998-8907