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Application of Higher Diploma Program training skills in classroom instruction: The case of Education Faculty, Jimma University (Ethiopia)

AB Hunde


This article examines the application Higher Diploma training skills in classroom instruction as well as pinning to the possible bottlenecks that hamper the successful application of the training skills. To this end, graduates of the first two batches, heads of the ten departments operating under the Faculty of Education and dean of the faculty were participated in the study. Multiple instruments with multiple sources were used in data collection in the following order: classroom observation, interview with the corresponding graduate, interview with the heads and finally interviewing Faculty Dean. The study implied that graduates were not applying Higher Diploma Training skills to the expected level. Factors for the failure of implementing Higher Diploma Program training skills at a classroom level attributed not only to the physical constraints such as large class size, lack of learning materials at hand, and mismatch between course content and time allotted but also to the absence of interest from instructors and students side and absence of well organized follow-up support that enforces or reinforces instructors to use the training skills. The study wrapped up with some plausible recommendations that allievate or minimizes the effect of barriers.
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