Status of Satellite Television Broadcast Programs Implementation in Mathematics and Science Subjects in Ethiopian Government High Schools from Teachers Perspective

  • K Melesse
  • Z Teshome
  • A Simachew
  • A Eshete


As the ICT domination in our day to day life is increasing, the Ethiopian Government convinced to utilize its opportunity for improving quality of education by introducing plasma television learning media in high schools of the country. The objective of this study was to determine implementation status of satellite plasma television broadcast in Ethiopia from the perspectives of teachers. Specifically, it investigated the state of Mathematics and Science lessons implementation in 22 secondary schools in four regional states. The study employed descriptive survey method. A total of 444 teachers were participated in the study. The study attempted to gather information from the respondents on variables related to the different phases of implementation of plasma lessons. The majority of the teachers reported that the time assigned for introduction during pre-broadcasting was not sufficient. Some of the issues of plasma lesson planning and organization were rated superior by the majority of the respondents. For instance, the plasma lessons were judged as well-planned by 90.9% of teachers and well-organized by 88.6% of teachers. As reported by teachers, plasma lessons were generally judged positively regarding the attention given to the needs of students. On the other hand, plasma lessons’ responsiveness to students with special need was rated negatively. With respect to the scope and depth of the plasma lesson content covered, 70.4 % of teachers agreed that the depth was up to the level of the students. Relevance of the content covered was judged appropriate by 91.5% of teachers. Though class work and homework tasks of lessons were judged appropriate, feedback given to these tasks were judged differently by the respondents. In general, some of the inherent features of the technology were rated positively by significant majority of the respondents.

Keywords: education, Mathematics, Science, high school, plasma television


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1998-8907