Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management

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Restoring Residential Slums into Habitable Districts: A Study of Odo- Ikoyi -Isolo Quarters of Akure, Nigeria

FK Omole, JO Fasun, AI Bako


This study examines the living condition of the people in Odo-Ikoyi and Isolo quarters area of Akure, Nigeria. The study employed the use of questionnaire to gather information on the condition of buildings and socioeconomic variables. This is backed up by site investigation survey to identify the types and nature of the environmental activities in the areas. Simple table, percentages and explanatory paragraph were used for the analysis. A lot of problems bedeviled Odo-Ikoyi and Isolo quarters, ranging from; old age, poor housing condition, missing environmental amenities, poverty and lack of attention from both the residents and the government. These conditions have affected and deteriorated the area into slum and squalid environment. The study notes that there is hope in restoring the slum into a good and habitable environment and therefore recommends that government should wake up to her responsibility by providing decent living environment to her citizenry. It is also recommended that the residents of the area be empowered by  government through its poverty alleviation and skill acquisition programmes. Other  recommendations include educating and enlightenment campaign to re awaken the minds of the residents about the needs to develop their environment. The NGOs and the multinational organization are also recommended to be brought in to the redevelopment, rehabilitation and renovation of the areas.

Key words: Slum, Habitable district, Transformation, Akure, Nigeria.
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