Understanding Climate Change and Manifestation of its Driven Impacts in the Semi Arid Areas of Dodoma Region, Tanzania

  • HK Mayaya
  • G Opata
  • EC Kipkorir


This article examines the nature and manifestation of climate change driven impacts on the agrarian districts of Kongwa and Bahi in the semi arid areas of Dodoma region in Tanzania. A Survey of 398 households in the study area was undertaken to elicit information on the nature and manifestation of climate change driven impacts. Household and key informant interviews and focus group discussion were used in collection of primary data. Secondary data were obtained through documentary review and from the Tanzania Meteorological Agency for the case of climatic data. The results indicate that climate change in Dodoma region is evident as revealed by steady increase in temperature and wind speed and the general declining rainfall trend overtime. Consequently, such changes in weather parameters over time has severely affected the livelihoods of local communities as manifested through decline in crop production, loss of livelihood sources, shortage of water and pasture for livestock, and difficulties in feeding household members overtime among others. Given the findings, this article concludes that climate change  and its impacts in the area are real and hence climate change interventions should focus on increasing agricultural productivity, pasture for livestock through sustainable livestock keeping and land use planning, diversification of socio-economic activities, as well as sustainable utilization and management of natural resources.  

Keywords: Climate change; manifestation; local communities; semi arid areas, climate change impacts.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1998-0507