Assessment of management practices for ungulates in old Oyo National Park, Nigeria

  • OO Oyeleke
  • OS Odewumi
  • RA Mustapha


Assessment of the habitat management practices was investigated for four months to identify the various management strategies and threats affecting ungulates in Old Oyo National Park. The methods used for the study are observation techniques and questionnaire administration and data were analyzed descriptively. Results showed that four management practices (annual burning, anti poaching patrol, conservation awareness/education and boundary assessment/ surveillance) are in place for animals in Old Oyo National Park and they are not animal specific. Ungulates presently encountered in the study area are seven, Kob; Waterbuck; Bushbuck; Roan antelope, Oribi; Buffalo and Duikers. The threats to the Park vary in intensity among the ranges but the ones common to all the ranges of the Park are grazing, hunting and honey tapping. Mining is a major threat in Oyo ile range, while fishing with chemical is practiced in Sepeteri range; these threats have direct effects on the animals. Suggestion was made on the need to intensify anti-poaching patrol and conservation awareness to curb the level of encroachment into the Park.

 Key Words: Park management, habitat, ungulates, conservation


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1998-0507