Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management

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An evaluation of adequacy of water policy stipulation in ensuring water security in the context of climate change

M Chitambi


The aim of the study was to establish how responsive the Water Policy (2010) is to ensure water security in the context of climate change. The objectives of the study were to establish if the water policy addresses water security and to determine whether the water policy addresses challenges in the climate change context and to examine national initiatives that address climate change response. Recognizing the broadness of the concept of water scarcity, the study limited the scope to establishing the relationship between water policy and water security in the changing climate. The study focused on water institutions mandated to deliver on water policies rather than the quantitative aspects of water scarcity. The study revealed that although there is some attention to water security in the water policy there is lack of commitment in terms of how climate change will be mitigated to ensure water security. The findings of the study also indicate that the water sector is managed among various ministries and this has resulted in overlapping competencies in ensuring water security with climate change impact. This indicates that there is need to have policy that has clear strategy in terms of a roadmap for mitigation of climate change impact on water security. In view of the findings of this study, it is recommended that the government should put in place a clear climate change policy to adequately address climate change and its impact on the water sector.

Keywords: Climate change, Water security, Water policy, Water scarcity
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