The meaning of home in Yoruba culture

  • Y Okeyinka
  • B Amole


This study examined the meaning of home in Yoruba culture in Ogbomoso Nigeria Africa. Ogbomoso is one of Yoruba cities that reveals the innate social and cultural tendencies of traditional Yoruba cities. Data for the studies were collected from residents of houses categorised into five types of family house, single family dwelling, apartment, duplex and rooming houses Purposive sampling technique was utilised to obtain information from head of these houses. Subjecting the data collected from residents to
analysis, the study provided information that 40.3 %, 22.8%, 17.3%, 12.5% and 5.3% choose the single family dwelling, duplex, apartment, family house, rooming house or “face me i face you” in descending
order as the house that respondent readily think of as home, Furthermore the result of a factor analysis also provided information that 16.95%, 8.33% and 7.13% of variances refers to availability of functional spaces, emotional factor and privacy respectively out of nine factors which define the meaning of home in Ogbomosho. Data was also collected using an in-depth interview, the result of the analysis provided information that the home means the cradle, a place of comfort, shelter, a place of abode and safety, and a house with facilities that gives comfortable living. The study found that there is significant relationship between private nature of conveniences in houses which directly influence comfort and privacy and this could explain why the single family dwelling, duplex and apartment were rated as homes to the respondent. Generally home means a shelter and a place of abode, a single family dwelling. This is because premium is set on ownership of a house in Yoruba culture. This meaning of home as the cradle and source of origin is supported by the general cultural belief of the Yoruba..

Key words: Meaning, House, Home, Yoruba culture, Cradle, Premium


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eISSN: 1998-0507